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This is the first week of multimedia journalism. Compared with the theory module, this one focuses more on piratical skills online.

Different from  traditional journalism, the work of multimedia journalism is relatively flexible and creative.

As an online journalism, you could have more choices than before.It is possible to edit and update the latest news, especially the breaking news immediately.

In addition, multimedia platforms could also be available.  It is convenient to access to the videos or pictures related to  news stories taken by online journalists.

At the same time, there are no certain criteria to decide which one is the best multimedia project. As a result, journalists can try their best to create various types of interesting things.

Another advantage of online journalism is that it changes the situation where readers are always controlled by the media. Usually, readers could only passive receive what the journalist report. However, in terms of multimedia journalism and DIY culture, ordinary readers could share their information and select the news attractive for them.

There is a good example of the multimedia journalism project called  The Place We live Being unlike the  traditional types, where people could only read the article  on the newspaper or watch the interview on  television, this is a new form which is combined with images, audio, text and vedio  together.

In The Place We Live,  audience could choose  the place where they are interested from the map. Then, there is an introduction and a summary to give the basic background information. At the same time,  voices  along with the  pictures are contributed to reflect the environment. Audience could click different persons’ pictures to listen to their stories. What’s more, when you move the mouse, different angles of the place they live will be showed.

Overall, multimedia journalism is an open and interesting field. multimedia