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Google Research

Posted on: 08/02/2009

Use Google effectively to do a research about the old and the net.



>There is still a large divide between the young and the old, with 83 per cent of the 16 to 24 age group accessing the Internet within 3 months prior to interview, compared with 15 per cent of the 65+ age group. This is also supported by data that show there are now only 10 per cent of the 16 to 24 age group who have never used the Internet, compared with 82 per cent of the 65+ age group.


>According to National Opinion Poll statistics, in June 1997 6% of 1004 UK Internet users were aged 55+.


>More than half of over-55s online say the net gives them a new lease of life. Seven percent look for love online, and 22% play games.

But there are still millions who feel technology is for younger generations. Only 35% of people over-55s are using the net, according to the Office of National Statistics


>The over-65s spend 42 hours a month online, four hours more than the most active users who are aged between 18 and 24, according to Ofcom’s annual report into the industry.




>”I love playing poker and bingo online with people all over the world. I find websites are a great way to meet new friends. My grandchildren call me ‘cybergran’!” said Bradford surfer, Elizabeth Sheridan, 73.

>Another surfer, Caroline Tovey, 68, has been online for four years.

“Shortly after I was widowed, my family organised internet connection for me at home and it has completely broadened my horizons.


“Not only can I keep in regular contact with friends and relatives in Australia and America. But I’ve had the opportunity to make new ones and rediscover old school friends, one of whom I hadn’t had contact with in over 30 years.”


Experts analysis

>“Lots of people think that older people are not plugged into the digital world. This is clearly wrong,” said an Age Concern spokesman.


>“Many are extremley engaged with the internet and use it reguarly to keep in touch with family, to shop and take part in communities. “It would be extremely foolish for any business to ignore the grey market. They spend a lot of money and contribute hugely to our economy.”


>”The internet can be an effective means of delivering access to vital services and information about health, hobbies and employment, as well as helping older people keep in touch with friends and family and access vital public services,” commented David Sinclair, social inclusion policy manager of charity Help the Aged.

But, he said, better information, education and advice was vital in closing the digital divide.





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great job .simply awesome . i will visit again .

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