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Analysing the video on online news sites

Posted on: 27/02/2009

Our group is to analyze the video on BBC News website.

  • What video content is on the site? How would you describe it?

The video content is about the related news. Most readers would only read one or two paragraph about the news story.

With the video, readers could get vivid impression and know more about     the news content.

  • Who made that video content? Does it come from a traditional broadcaster or an individual journalist?

I think the BBC News website have a team of journalists who make the video, select them and edit them. However, they may also put some videos from individual journalists.

For instance, I know that after the 7th July London Bombing happened, BBC News website opened an account for citizen journalists to upload their video.

  • How is the video integrated into the site? Does it standalone as a sort of little programme? Or is it part of a story package that involves pictures and text? If so, how does it all work together

In BBC News website, we could find some videos as part of a story package that involves pictures and text.

For instance, in today’s news Brown Vows to Claw Pension Back , a video is with the story.

Meanwhile, the website also has its Video and Audio programme.  In this specific web page, readers could watch lots of videos from top stories and editors’ recommendations.

In addition, BBC News website provides  the BBC News Channel on line. Readers could watch the whole TV  programme on live.


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