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Our group blog is about the modern music. We are tyring to cover the music issues from different aspects. There are various categories including music review, music festival, music artists and the latest music events. Obviously, our main target is music fans, especially teenagers who are in favour of music.

Apart from writing articles, we also interview some people and edit them as our original video clips. Meanwhile, we select many videos and photos related to each music topic, in order to provide more background information and leave vivid impression on our readers.

Most people think write blog is a easy and interesting job. I keep writing my Chinese blog for more than 2 years, and also think there is no difficult for me to do that. However, to set up a relatively professional group blog and update regularly are not as simple as I thought. I have to choose a certain topic of my posts which could fit our group blog each day, not whatever I like. In addition, I have to search for suitable video and pictures, and get links to some interesting materials. Also, our blog tracks recent events. For example, the return of Micheal Jackson’s performance, the forbidden of YouTube music video in the UK.

A good blog is not just about writing and posting, the whole design is also very important. I add the links to other group blogs, set up categories by authors, and put the RSS of Yahoo Music News.

On the news day exercise, we have the opportunity to interview Ben Gilbert who is a music journalist. Our group members have different jobs. Kaltrina asked questions, Hannah and Simone took notes, and I filmed and edited it. The problem is it took a long time for me to upload the video and posted it a bit late.

Compared with other group members, I am not very familiar with English music. Therefore, in terms of my individual posts, I focus on stuff about music news, debates and films, etc. First, now, young people usually listen to music online and download them directly. As a result, the problems about copyright and illegal download have become a public concern. Second, I think the unavailable of music videos on YouTube has really brought impact of the UK users, and YouTube should solve the problem with the PRS as soon as possible. Third, I was deeply moved after watching film The Legend of 1990 and realized there are many good films about music. Finally, with different cultural background, I compared Western music and Chinese music. At the same time, I found Britpop is the most popular type of music in China, so I interviewed my friends about their music tastes.

The weakness is that at first we don’t set up each member’s role clearly, and our blog seems a bit random. We exchange some ideas through Facebook, but don’t have enough face to face group meeting.

Overall, I think our group blog is going well during the last two weeks.

My Role

There are some contributions I make to our group blogs. I set up a group activity for our blog in both Facebook and a similar Chinese network page in order to appeal more audience and leave comment. I did something about the page design in order to make our page more organized. The author category is for Jim to check easily. The Yahoo news RSS is to display the latest music news. The lists of Jim’s blog and other group blogs could give readers more information about our course and read more different type of blog. In addition, I did some film and edit work for our interview task.