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Posted on: 28/04/2009

The Reflective Log for Podcast

The first and the most important thing for starting my podcast is to pitch an idea. I decide to take an interview with my friend Wing Wang, who is the directing president of the UK-CHINA FILM ASSOCIATION(UCFA). There are several reasons to choose him and his association. Firstly, he works  in London and could speak English, so I could have a face-to-face English Interview with him. Secondly, the UCFA was founded at 2008 and has already done some quite successful events in Chinese community. Especial recently, the UCFA takes part in the RainDance Film Festival, which has a latest newsworthy, Thirdly, the special point of the UCFA is that it is a non-profit film organization running by overseas graduated students  in the UK. Finally, Wing Wang and many members of the UCFA were graduated from University of Westminster. It is interesting to know whether they got some benefits from the study in Westminster for their professional work. 

Before interviewing Wing Wang, I prepared couple of questions and test the zoom recorder. The interview is going well, for Wing Wang gives clear answers for each questions.

In terms of the editing part, it requires technical skills and patient as well. The length of interview is 3 mins, so I have to cur half of it. I listened the interview several times in order to select the main points. 

In addition, I never used Audacity before. I searched some Chinese basic introduction of Audacity and try to familiar with its tools and functions. 

I cut  useless sentences and repeated words, and leave space for the next question. Meanwhile, I select a suitable song to edit as background music. In the Audacity, users could import two audio and adjust one volume down as background. In addition, it could have the effect as fade out at the end of the podcast. 

Apart from the audio, it is better to add related pictures in the podcast. Some of the pictures are provided by Wing Wang. Some were taken by myself when I attended the events. 

However, it is not that simple to put the audio and pictures together. The showing time and speed of each pictures must fit in with the same length of the related question. Also, some word titles are added to illustrate pictures. 

After the draft, I send the podcast to Wing Wang and do more edits according to his advice.

At last, export the podcast and upload it to my YouTube account.  


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