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Posted on: 30/04/2009

The topic of our video is about the Facebook on compus. Matt and I are in the same group. 

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking community among young people. Facebook is a wide topic, it could be discussed in many different aspects. We decided to focus on the use of facebook on compus. Is it a good communicate platform or young people’s face-to-face communicate skills will be influenced? Are they addicted to the Facebook and check it  during class time? What is tutor’s opinion?

The first step of our project is to interview students and tutors. Before that, we prepare a list of couple questions. We also come up with news questions according to the answers. Matt and I exchange the role of interviewer and film maker in different interviews. Therefore, both of us could have the chance to know how to ask questions and how to use the video machine. 

Edit is the next step after the interview. We have to cut 20 minutes footage to 5 minutes, which is not a easy task. Matt did the first edit. Some useless answers and repeated sentensens were cut. The draft structure came up and footages were separated into different question categories.  Then, in the second time, I edited in more details and made the transform between each questions more fluent.  

In the introduction part, we added the voiceover to introduce the development of Facebook. However, it was difficult to match the length of voice with images. The voiceover was recorded several times. Part of music about Facebook were at the beginning and ending. 

In the editing part, we not only review footage edit, but also learn some new skills about sound edit. 

This is a group project, working together is very important. I am glad that each of us experience different jobs and try our best to finish it. Apart from group meeting, we exchange ideas through Facebook. 

After finished it, I uploaded it to my YouTube account and share it on Facebook. 

As an online video project, my friends could watch it and leave comment. Furthermore, it is like a DIY video project. The topic, structure, interview, sound and edit were all made by ourselves. 

This project gives me the opportunity to work as a multimedia journalist. Interview skills, editing skills and working together skills are all essential. 


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