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Posted on: 04/05/2009

With the application of the internet and Web 2.0, multimedia and online journalism has become a new type of journalism. Through this year’s study about this module, I learned about the characters, tools and current situations of multimedia and online journalism.

Compared with traditional journalism, multimedia journalism has its own advantages. First, it could report the breaking news immediately. The process of traditional journalism to find, edit and report a news story to the public needs a long time. By contrast, multimedia journalism could report the news by Twitter in the first time. In addition, they could update the development continuously. Because of the time and space limitations, it is impossible for newspapers to report the whole story. However, multimedia journalism could report the latest information by Twitter or blog minute by minute.

Furthermore, multimedia journalism could provide more choices for readers to understand the news story by different media forms. Readers could access to the related video and audio interviews. At the same time, multimedia offers a interactive platform for readers to exchange ideas and leave comments.

The increasingly significant role of multimedia journalism has changed the structure of journalism. Being professional in the 21st century, journalists should have the ability to work for alternative press and the internet. At the same time, they should be able to write in opinion-driven formats especially for blog.

A large amount of traditional media has already figured out how to do journalism online. They operate the news website and allow journalists to write blog for supporting website. Meanwhile, the website will set up certain page for citizen journalism to contribute. “iReport” is a page where ordinary could upload their photos and videos of news stories in CNN news website.

Another point should be noticed is the “citizen journalism”. An large amount of people set up their own blog, where individuals could post any material they gathered with their interpretation of the news story. Citizen journalists are able to collect the first hand materials and publish them online. They could make video and audio interviews and upload them to their blogs as well. However, are they journalists?

Though the use of blog has dramatic influence on news, it still cannot be regarded as professional journalists. Most bloggers do not report news on their own, while they usually write comment based on the news produced by professional journalists.

Overall, I thing there is a tendency of multimedia journalism. Nevertheless, the professional defination and occupation of multimedia journalism are still experimenting.