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The expanded market for news online and the technological improvement have created new trends for journalism, especially for web journalism.

In the start of 2010, there are several media-related events has become public concerns. Apple launched its latest multimedia device iPad on 27,January. iPad offers different newspapers online applications to its user. It changes the story for newspaper-subsidized e-readers. On the one hand,some argue that newspaper and magazine publishers already having a crisis with iPad. The key question is how could the print industries get be paid. On the other hand, iPad is regarded as a good opportunity to save newspaper. Newspaper publishers can attract more online audiences and enhance their usefulness to advertisers. demonstrated its application for the iPad, which provides a digital display of story text, photos and videos. Martin Nisenholtz, the company’s head of digital operations, said the app “captures the essence and experience of reading a newspaper.” In addition,New York Times  Condé Nast is preparing for the iPad since quite a while, it plans to promote some magazines. The advantages of iPad is to change the traditional newspaper business model, cutting delivery and production costs substantially. It could help create a way for media companies to change the consumer attitudes of the up till now free digital era.

Twitters has become a new tool for journalism as well.MediaOnTwitter is a sortable database of journalists that includes the journalists’ names, Twitter usernames, beats they cover, media outlets they work for and the countries in which they live. Users can submit a new contact for consideration by using a web form. Journalism.co.uk reported that The Daily Telegraph was using Twitterfall in its newsroom to monitor breaking news events. There are more suggestions about how to use twitter efficiently on the page of The Journalist’s Guide to Twitter.

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