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Posted on: 10/05/2010

Weco is a website to provide all kinds of eco-friendly information. Faced with the threats of climate change and heavy pollution, how to protect the environment has become a public concern for a long time. An increasing number of people have begun to take action. Weco is a platform for people to learn, share and exchange different eco ideas and culture. The unique point of Weco is that it combines articles from both journalists and users. It aims to encourage people to attend related activities, campaigns and find out their ways to reduce carbon emissions and save energy. To get user-generated content is also a trend in the web 2.0.

My first story for Weco is about the Earth Hour in 2010. It has become one of the largest global activities to raise people’s awareness of climate change. It connected individuals, organisations, businesses and governments from different countries to work together for a better earth. As Weco mainly targets readers in London, I wrote about how Londoners participated in Earth Hour specifically. The more important purpose of this article is to call for people switch off the unnecessary lights in their daily life, not only one hour for a year.  My second story is about how to develop a low-carbon relationship. Usually, people depend on technology, renewable resources, and new energy to reduce the CO2. However, I think to build a healthier lifestyle is more significant. People always neglect some small things which may lead to a big difference gradually. I provided some useful tips for green date and green wedding. Although green wedding is becoming popular, it is still a new concept for most people.

I took the role of graphics designers with Eliza. As this time our project is to create a website, it required muck higher technical and design skills. For me, this job was really a challenge. In the beginning we had difficulties to make a good layout that work well. We changed the logo, banner and navigation bar several times. There were also different kinds of technical problems happened during the process. We tried to make a simply and clear website, which is easy to navigate. Eliza did the basic structure of our website, created templates from homepage and each section’s page, and uploaded the website online. I did all the articles’ layout with cells and images, embedded Google maps and helped Eliza to fix with some page design stuff. The editor helped us to check mistakes for editing. Although this job took a lot of time, I become much familiar with Dreamweaver, and we learned basic skills about website design. I think this will be helpful in the future’s job as well.

However, the design can be further improved. As stories from our group finished quite late, even one day before the deadline, there was not so much time for us to design. We still need to practice Dreamweaver for creating a more professional website. In addition, we have not received enough articles from users. We need to further promote our website to attract more people to contribute, or we could try to establish a partnership with environmental organizations. The percentage of stories in different section is not balanced. Moreover, we ask users to send their articles to us by e-mail, maybe we can think about a more convenient way for them to hand in stories.


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