Yajiao’s Blog


Posted on: 10/05/2010

I worked with Eliza in pairs on news day. The Gulf of Mexico oil spill just happened, lots of media coverage focused on the financial losses of this accident. However, the oil spill also caused danger for marine mammals, fish, and birds, and might pollute wetlands as well. Therefore, we compared the costs of the Gulf of Mexico from economic and environmental aspects. I did research to find facts and statistics to prove which kind of impact will be brought by the oil spill on environment. Eliza did research for financial costs. We made a table by Dreamweaver, as it was clear for readers to contrast two sides. However, the template of the blog did not recognize the table code from Dreamweaver. I searched copy free pictures to match the article, and changed size and resolution for web in Photoshop. Eliza wrote up the story. I learned some tips to layout the story. For example, we cannot leave a gap between tow paragraphs unless we typed a dash. To make the dash invisible in the published page, we changed its colour to white. On news day we must finish the story and publish it online at 4 pm. It was a practice to allocate tasks and manage time properly to meet the deadline.


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